Golden Dawn member Julian Levett Baker: list of publictions


The list below is definitely not complete.  In his biography of Julian Baker’s acquaintance Aleister Crowley, Richard Kaczynski says he found 50 publications in which Baker was author or co-author.  Below I list all the ones that I’ve come across; most of them have been spotted using google. 



Perdurabo: The Life of Aleister Crowley by Richard Kaczynski.  Berkeley CA: NAH Books orig 2000 this revised ed 2010 p52.  Some of them are listed on p580.


PUBLICATIONS I’VE FOUND THE DETAILS OF - a drop in the ocean, as I say above.


Chemical News and Journal of Industrial Science volume 71 1895: Octaestylmaltose by Arthur R Ling and Julian L Baker.  The founder and editor of this magazine was Golden Dawn member Sir William Crookes.


The Brewing Industry Julian L Baker FIC FCS.  Published 1905 London: Methuen and Co of 36 Essex St London WC in their series Books on Business.


Julian edits The Analyst from 1907 to 1920.  It was a magazine for working chemists, publishing abstracts of longer articles.


Chemical News and Journal of Physical Science volume 98 1908 index p131 lists two articles involving Julian: Action of the Enzymes of Malt on Ungerminated Cereals, in which he’s co-author with Everard Hulton.  Preparation of Pure Maltose, in which his co-author is F E Day.


Encyclopaedia Britannica 11th edition published 1910-11 in 29 volumes: article on Fermentation.  This article received an early quote in Béchamp or Pasteur?  A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology by Ethel Douglas Hume.  London: Simpkin Marshall Hamilton Kent and Co Ltd 1923: p161. 

On the 11th edition: Encyclopaedias: their History through the Ages by Robert L Collison. NY, London: Hafner 1964 and a lot of editions since then.


The magazine Commercial Organic Analysis was taken over by Alfred Henry Allen in 1913.  He renamed it Allen’s Commercial Organic Analysis and that’s how it seems to be most widely known.  In the 1913 edition volume 1 there’s an article by Julian as sole author: Malt and Malt Liquors.  It seems to be still in the edition from 1924, by which time the compilers are Alfred Henry Allen with Samuel S Sadtler, Elbert C Lathrop and Charles A Mitchell.

by Alfred Henry Allen 1913


Reports to the Local Government Board on Public Health and Medical Subjects New Series number 80 Food Reports number 20.  1914.  It consisted of these 2 reports:

1 = F J H Coutts: On the Use of Proprietary Foods for Infant Feeding.

2 = JLB: On the Analysis and Composition of Some Proprietary Foods for Infants.

Via abstract of Julian’s research in The Analyst volume 39 October 1914: 456-71. 

References to it at the time:

-           Parliamentary Papers, House of Commons and Command volume  25 1914: Appendix 1 p20

-           British Medical Journal 1915 p77

-           British Food Journal volume 18 1916: p265

-           The Chemical Examination of Water, Sewage and Food by John E Purvis and Thomas R Hodgson.  Cambridge Public Health Series: Cambridge University Press 1922.  Chapter II: p140.

Some more modern references:

War is Good For Babies and other Young Children: A History of the Infant and Child Welfare Movement in England 1898-1918 by Deborah Dwork.  London and NY: Tavistock Pubns 1987 p251, p268.

Article: Infant Foods in the United Kingdom from Victorian Times to the Present Day; by W F J Cuthbertson, in Infant Nutrition editors A F Walker and B A Rolls.  London: Chapman and Hall 1994.


Journal of the Chemical Society Transactions volume 105 1914: 1529-36.  The Action of Diastase on Start Granules Part 1.  By Julian and Hulton.  This was obviously the first of a set of articles; but I couldn’t find any of the rest of the set, at least, not on the web.  Perhaps the war meant that the rest were never published.


Original Gravity Tables Computed to Hundredths of a Degree, from the table attached to the Finance Act 1914 (Session 2).  It’s another work with two authors but as G C Jones FIC is listed first, he probably did most of the preparatory work; Julian L Baker FIC as listed as co-author.   Originally published in The Brewers’ Journal 1915, then issued as a pamphlet, again by the The Brewers’ Journal of Eastcheap Bldgs London EC; price 2/6.  There’s no publication date on the British Library’s copy but the BL stamp says “15MAY15".


The Analyst volumes 41-42 1916.  In this edition Julian is editor but also a contributor with co-author H F E Hulton: on p355 continuing on p383: Analytical Examination of Acorns and Horse Chestnuts.  It’s an abstract of an article originally published in Proceedings of the Society of Public Analysists etc.


Journal of the Chemical Society Transactions Part 1 1917: article by Julian and H F E Hulton: ?Evidence of the Existence in Malt of an Enzyme Hydrolysing the Furfuroids of Barley (their question mark).


Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry issued 31 July 1917 reproduced with permission in Journal of the Institute of Brewing volume 23 number 6 1917 pp353-54 as an editorial: Julian’s article: Use of Brewers’ Yeast in Bread Making, originally read at a meeting of the Society.


Chemical News and Journal of Industrial Society volumes 121-122 1920 p426: the announcement that Julian had resigned from the post of editor of the magazine The Analyst in order to take up the job of editor of the Journal of the Institute of Brewing.


Julian retires as editor of The Analyst in 1920, in order to take over as editor of the Journal of the Institute of Brewing. He continues as the Journal’s editor until 1949.


At, Biochemical Journal volume LXXIII 1920 pp754-56: The Iodimetric Estimation of Sugars, by Julian and Henry Francis Everard Hulton.


At a series of publications by Julian and Hulton which appeared in the Journal of the Chemical Society.  To make the little list below a bit more intelligible: the Journal was published as Transactions from 1878 to 1925 with volume numbers; but in 1925 the word ‘transactions’ was dropped and so were the volume numbers.

-           Journal of the Chemical Society Transactions volume 119 1921: 805-09.  Amylases of the Cereal Grains - Rye.  By Julian and Hulton.

-           Journal of the Chemical Society Transactions volume 121 1922: 1929-34.  Amylases of the Cereal Grain - the “insoluble” amylase of barley.  By Julian and Hulton.

-           Journal of the Chemical Society 1929: 1655-60.  Amylases of the Cereal Grains - Oats.  By Julian and Hulton.


At there are issues of Biochemical Journal.  In volume 27 1933: 1040: the Removal of Sugars from Dilute Solutions, by JLB and H F E Hulton “from the Stag Brewery, Pimlico”.


Seen at Journal of the Institute of Brewing volume 40 number 2 March-April 1934 pp171-73: the Estimation of Carbon Dioxide in Beer, by Julian and H F E Hulton.


Seen at Journal of the Institute of Brewing volume 41 number 5 September 1935 p376: note on the Occurrence of the Khapra Beetle in Malt Lofts.  By Julian, this time with co-author T J Ward. And on the same page another article: the Separation of Products Rising from the Enzymic Hydrolysis of Starch, by Julian and his usual co-author H F E Hulton.


Journal of the Chemical Society volume 93 1937 p1749 Julian’s obituary of Henry Edward Armstrong.


Journal of the Institute of Brewing volume 48 1942: p70 hydrolysis of Potato and Malt Starches by Malt Amylase, with Julian as sole author.  This was the latest article by Julian that I was able to spot on the web.





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