Miss Harriet BUTLER who was initiated into the Golden Dawn on 24 April 1895 and took the Latin motto ‘A posse ad esse’.  In July 1896, she was initiated into the GD’s 2nd Order - the inner order where you started actually to do magic rather than just reading and learning occult texts.  On the day of her first initiation she was living at  47 Chelsea Gardens, Chelsea Bridge Road London.


Abject failure with this woman: couldn’t identify her for certain via any of my sources.  I can only say that in 1903 she was one of the group led by A E Waite that founded the Order of the Morgen Rothe, with its inner Independent and Rectified Order, at a meeting on 24 July 1903. 





SOURCES I TRIED: ancestry.co.uk (census and probate); findmypast.co.uk; familysearch. Without having some clue as to her age there was no real point in trying freebmd for a year of birth.  Google, Google books, British Library catalogue in case she was a writer - didn’t find anything likely on any of them.  I gave up.




13 August 2012