ISABEL DE STEIGER’S ART WORKS       BY YEAR                                                      


This is almost certainly not a complete list.  Some of the works on it will have been destroyed in a warehouse fire in August 1900 (see my life-by-dates for more information on that); though I only know the names of one or two of those lost works.


Isabel had the habit of slightly altering the title of a work she was exhibiting for the second or third time; so that if you count up the items on the list there will be more works than she actually did.


DATE              TITLE                                                 ?EXHIBITED MORE THAN ONCE


1874                The Coming Squall...            

1874                [untitled.  Subtitled] Basking in Heaven’s Light...                                                   

1874                Philae Egypt...                       


1875                Hagar in the Desert                             Possibly the first of two showings

1875                The Evening Meal, Ramle Egypt      

1875                On the Road to Aboukir        

1875                Mansours Tent                                                Possibly the first of two showings.        


1877                Mansours                                            Possibly the second of two showings                         

1878                Consuelo                                

1878                Mrs Patterson                                      The first of two showings        

1878                Slave Girl of the Harem        


1879                Mrs Patterson                                      The second of two showings                                

1879                as Cleopatra Personating the Goddess Isis    

1879                A Daughter of the Gods                      The first of two showings                    

1879                A Daughter of the Gods                      The second of two showings


I’m not sure how many Cleopatra paintings I’ve got here!

1879                as Cleopatra Receiving an Unfavourable Oracle from the Priestess of Isis                      

1879/80           as Cleopatra’s Deadly Resolve in the Temple of Isis

as Cleopatra After the Battle of Actium


1880                Athyrtis...                               

1880                as The Dismissal of Hagar                 The second of two possible showings

1880                Princess Scheherezada                       The first of two showings        


1881                as The Three Valkyrie Maidens...      The first of five possible showings

1881                ?as A Dancing Girl                             The first of two possible showings

1881                ?as An Eastern Dancing Girl              The second of two possible showings

1881                Shatucha, the Bedouin Girl   


DATE              TITLE                                                 ?EXHIBITED MORE THAN ONCE


1882                Dr George Wyld                                 Never exhibited

1882                title unknown: a “single figure”         Yes; not sure how many times

1882                as Semiramide                                                The first of three showings                    

1882                Mariamne                                           The first of two showings

1882                Mariamne                                           The second of two showings

1882                Morning Effect                      


1882-85           John the Baptist                                  Never exhibited

mid-1883        Dr Ginsburg                                        Never exhibited                     

1883                Enchantress                             The first of two or even three possible showings

1883                Fair Slave Enees-el-Jelees    

1883                Lorelei…                                            The first of showings                                     

1883                Semiramis                                           The second and third of three showings

1883                Valkyries                                             The second of five possible showings                  

1883                Abd-el-Rahman                     

1883-84           Greek Captive with her Nubian Slave          


1884                Eureka! Eureka!                    

1884                A Dream of Hermes

1884                St John the Baptist                              Never exhibited

1884                [Mahatma] Morya                              Probably never exhibited           

1884                Nature and Art                       

1884                Valkyries (full title)                The third and fourth of five possible showings

1884                The Veiling of Isis                 

1884                Fireside Harmony                  


1885                Enchantress                             The second of two or three possible showings

1885                Portrait                                   

1885                The Sorceress                        

            If this is also known as ‘the Enchantress’ it’s the third of three possible showings

1885                as Portrait of Miss Mary Tynte Potter                        The first of two showings

1885                “Trust her not...”                    


1886                Strada Tiberio            

1886                Villa Pompeiana                    

1886                as The Valkyrie Maidens                    The fifth of five showings        

1886                The Lost Pleiad...       

1886                An Odalisque: Cairo              

1886                A Lonely Beggar in a Lonely Road: Capri   


1887                The Fairy Syren (sic) of the Water Lilies      

1887                Harmonia                               

1887                ...Impression du Voyage

DATE              TITLE                                                             ?EXHIBITED MORE THAN ONCE


1887                First Blossom of Spring: Almond Blossom, Capri, Italy      

1887                A Legend of the Soul...          

1887                Portrait of Romola Tynte                                The second of two showings

1887                Old Court Daventry Northamptonshire

1887                The Rock Syren (sic) Singing the Storm Song

1887                Head of Beatrice                                


by 1888           portrait Mabel Collins                       

by 1888           portrait Patience Sinnett        

by 1888/89      as Phaedra (no long title)                               The first of two showings

by 1888/89      Spirit of the Crystal                                        The first of two showings


1888                Celebration of the Mysteries 


1889                The Flight of Aurora              

                                    For a different version of this, see 1893

1889                The First Blush of Spring - Capri      


1890                The Sunny South...                

1890                Phaedra (long title)                                         The second of two showings


1891                A Summer Song...                  

1891                A Garland of Roses                                         The first of three showings                    

1891                Spirit of the Crystal                                        The second of two showings


1892                Au Jardin Hotel du Cygne...  

1892                A Garland of Roses                                         The second of three showings

1892                A Song of the Greek Isles      

1892                Princess Scheherazade                                   The second of two showings

1892                An Avenging Angel               

1892                Andromeda Abandoned

1892                Daffodils                                

1892                Toadstool                   


1893                The Flight of Aurora              

                                    Definitely not the same painting as the one exhibited 1889

1893                The Chariot of Venus             


by 1894           Spirit of the East Wind also known as Ghoul of the Shipwreck

                                                                        Not exhibited as far as I know

1894                A Garland of Roses                                         The third of three showings

1894                Lavinia                                   


1895                Lorelei (full title)                                            The second of two showings


Then nothing until:


1901                Sunset in the Marshes, Rhos Neigr Anglesea            

1901                The Rose Garden, Clarens Lake Geneva                  


1910-17           as Castles in the Air   




AN EXTRA LIST of paintings sold at auction in recent decades, with titles I didn’t recognise.

Until I have evidence to the contrary, I’m assuming that they are in the list above, but with the original titles Isabel gave them when she exhibited them or referred to them in Memorabilia.  It’s even possible, I guess, that two of them, or even all four, are the same painting!







According to details in the various sales catalogues, Isabel had signed all the paintings – as she usually did – though only the painting called ‘dancing queen’ was dated.  I found the sales details on the web but there were no pictures.



There’s very little of it - it did not chime with the view Isabel had of herself as a painter of ‘high art’ subjects (scripture, literature, myth, historical events) in a ‘high art’ style.  The illustrations she did do were, I think, favours for friends.  Two were reproductions of works Isabel had already exhibited as full-size paintings.


1885: 3rd edition of Chandos Leigh Hunt’s Private Instructions on the Science and Art of Organic Magnetism by Chandos Leigh Hunt (later Wallace).  Published London: G Wilson.  Isabel’s illustrations don’t appear in either of the first two editions. 


Thanks are due to Vivienne Roberts and Leslie Price of the College of Psychic Studies, who told me about the book and Isabel’s contribution to its 3rd edition. 


1894: three illustrations to editions of the occult magazine Unknown World:

Avenging Angel

Spirit of the Crystal

Spirit of the East Wind


1902: frontispiece to A Book of Mystery and Vision, poems by A E Waite.  Published London: Philip Wellby 1902, limited edition of 250 copies.  Isabel chose to illustrate the poem on p12.  Roger Wright found the book on the web via and you can see Isabel’s illustration there; but actual copies of the original book are very rare - the only one we could locate in the UK was at Cambridge University, not even the British Library had one.





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