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In Plaistow, to the north of Bromley, KPEC owned the land on which the following streets were laid out: Alexandra Crescent, Avondale Road, Gilbert Road, Kingís Avenue, Kinnaird Avenue, Lake Avenue, Park Avenue and Quernmore Road.KPEC built on all those streets, but it also sold the land to other developers, in plots of one or more houses.

My source for KPECís planning permissions in Bromley is the Minutes of Proceedings of Bromley Urban District Council.Unfortunately, they list only the application number, the applicant and a very basic description like Ďhouse, Kinnaird Avenueí.†† Not even a house number is given.With a list of planning permissions granted, Iíve been through the local PO Directories, but as more than one company was building houses in the same street in the same year, it has been very difficult to identify with any certainty the houses built by KPEC in Plaistow.It was rather easier in Bickley.


And to add to my problems, new owners often changed the name of the house they had just moved into, so whatís clearly the same house has one name in one yearís PO Directory and a different one in the next.†† By the mid 1920s the PO was obviously having the same trouble I was, working out which house was which in Park Avenue: in 1928 they left off using house names and gave all the houses numbers, renumbering where necessary those houses that had a number already.


So the list below has severe limitations!


Built by KPEC in Plaistow:


Alexandra Crescent†††† 1907††† additions to a house then called Woodcroft, which was almost

certainly built by another firm

1907††† the house then called Brambletye and one other, either Oakdene

or Eversley Cottage

Avondale Road†††††††††† KPEC built no houses at all in this street despite owning all the land there.

1914††† a garage for the house then called Appin Lodge


Gilbert Road†††††††††††††† 1907††† 23, 25, 27, 29 on the south side

1909††† 18, 20.31, 33, 35 on the north side

Kingís Avenue 1905††† 12 houses including 1, 3, 9 and 11; and probably 5 and 7

1906††† garage at the house called Carnoustie which was probably 1

1908††† 2, 4, 6 and probably 8

1909††† Park Cottage, lived in at one stage by KPECís architect W J


1930††† either Newfield probably 28, or Dereham probably 34 on the

corner with Kinnaird Avenue

Kinnaird Avenue†††††††† NONE

Lake Avenue†††††††††††††† 1908††† Oak Cottage which was on the left side at the corner with Burnt

Ash Lane

1925††† 9

Park Avenue was a nightmare and Iím not completely sure that KPEC built any of the houses numbered below; they are all just possibles.The numbers are from after the 1928 renumbering.

1921††† one of 11, 53, 57

1924††† one of 29, 33, 38, 40, 50, 52, 54, 56, 60 62, 64, 66

1925††† one of 17 , 44 or 48.17's the most likely

1926††† one of 20, 26, 44, 48

1927 †† two from 24, 28, 42, 46, 54, 56, 70b, 31, 35, 37, 51, 61


Quernmore Road†††††††† 1924††† 3, which was lived in by W J Harrington; plus a garage for it in


1926††† 2 houses between numbers 3 and 5, called at the time Bowood

and Malo


KPEC built two houses only in Sundridge Park, the next estate eastwards from the land owned by KPEC:

Garden Road†††††††††††††† 1925††† 2 houses on the left side next to Garden Lane: the house then

called Cornerways and the one called Wyndways


Built by KPEC in Bickley:

Amesbury Road†††††††††† 1912-16†††††††††† 2-28

Unknown†††††††† 25-35

Bird-in-Hand Lane††††† 1921††††††††††††††† 23, 27, 29, 35

1922††††††††††††††† 9-17, 21

Unknown†††††††† 1-7, 37, 39

1923-27†††††††††† 10 then called The Croft, 12 then called Glenesk, 14 then

called The Hut

Nightingale Lane†††††††† 1925-26†††††††††† the houses then called Brendon, The Rise, Windermere and

Moana which were all between the houses then numbered

55 and 67

87, 91, 93 and a house called Coimbra which may have

been 89

Unknown†††††††† 95-105

Page Heath Lane††††††††† 1914††††††††††††††† the houses then called Territet and Topsham which were on

the odd-numbered side

Tylney Road††††††††††††††† 1914-15†††††††††† one house on the corner with Nightingale Lane; plus one other house and 1 shop;

26 December 2008: 121, 123, 125, 127; 121 is the shop







The Minutes of Proceedings of Brentford and Chiswick Urban District are a bit better at identifying which properties in any one street are receiving planning permission.In addition, the Grove Park area near Chiswick Station, where most of KPECís property development went on, is now a conservation area and in 2006 the UDC commissioned a report which identified all the properties built by KPEC and the dates they were built.The UDC report stated that the following houses were built by KPEC, to designs by L H Harrington rather than W J; L H was W Jís younger brother and - I suppose - took over from him in the early 1930s.


Built by KPEC in Grove Park:


Devonshire Gardens††† 1930††† Semi-detached pairs 4/6, 8/10, 12/14, 16/18, 20/22, 24/26, 28/30.


Grove Park Road††††††† c 1932 8-62 of which 8-18 were flats.Semi-detached pairs 20/22 and

24/26 were a different design to the others.

Using the PO directories I can be a bit more specific about the dates of some of them:

1933††† 6, 32-40

1934††† 60/62



Hartington Road††††††††† 1930s42-60, 39-57; and 59 and 61 which were individually designed detached houses.

Using the PO directories:

1931-32†††††††††† 42-60

1933-35†††††††††† 39-57

1935+††††††††††††† 59, 61

This information has been very useful: it establishes that KPEC continued to build houses after Henry Norris died (in July 1934).


Kinnaird Avenue†††††††† c 1930 1-27, 2-30

Using the PO directories:

1931††† 9, 11, 13, 17, 21 and probably 15 and 19 but they didnít have

people living in them yet

1932††† 2-18

1933††† 1, 3, 7; 20-28

1933+30, 23-27.



In addition KPEC built two houses that were on the other side of the railway.They are not in the Grove Park conservation area; as they donít figure in the 2006 report, this is all my own work:

Sutton Court Road: in 1931 KPEC was given planning permission for 2 houses.Most of the road already existed at that stage but there were some gaps into which new houses could be put; and an empty space at the bottom end, nearest to Chiswick Station.


In 1931/32 numbers 154-160, 196 and 202 were built.

In 1932/33 numbers 71-77 and 204 were built.


I have no proof which two of those numbers were built by KPEC but my money is on 202 and 204 because they are next to the market garden at the end of the road nearest to Grove Park.


The 4 flats in Ellesmere Road seem to have been KPECís last planning application: permission was given for them on 27 September 1933.As at 4 May 2008 I havenít identified them.






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